Basic concept of Meta WEB.

Current web issues

Current web developed into multimedia platform for information exchange. But this brings many issues.

1. Web applications and user interfaces

Nowdays web consists of many HTML + CSS and JavaScript files which together presents information. Recently many web applications (instead of websites) are appearing in a current web. These applications creates various user interfaces and users has to learn how to interact with each application. Lot of code must be written and applications are using heavy frameworks to reach it's purpose as opposite to mobile applications which are built upon standard components specific for every platform.

2. DIV flooding

Most of HTML contents consists of DIV (and another) tags which have one general purpose - design and user interface instead of information meaning. Original purpose of web is to present information and data, not graphic design.

3. Machine readability

Current web applications and pages are difficult to process by machines and they lack semantic meaning. Each application has different API and is difficult to interconnect them, automatize workflow and generally use them together effectively.

4. Non-standard based on standard

Many APIs, frameworks and protocols were developed over standard web technologies. But they are too proprietary and different so it is difficult to interconnect them as one cooperative network which was original purpose of a web.

5. IoT (internet of things)

New trend where many hardware devices will be connected to network. But there is no standard which defines how to access and control them. As each router, phone, sensor has it's own proprietary API and web interface.


Solution to this problem is to create new protocols and formats which will represent information and its meaning in context. These formats should be machine readable and web browsers should display them as web applications with single general user interface which every user can learn easily.

Technical background

MetaWEB concept is based on standard HTTP protocol, REST methodology and another modern web technologies such as Web events for live data updates.

Goal of this project is to define new standard which will be used instead of HTML (HTML will be still used but for hypermedia and text) and will represent information relations and content in machine and humman readable way.


Main principles of MetaWeb are:

MetaWeb formats represents information by putting data into context.

UI representable
MetaWeb formats describes data in a way that it can be simply visualise in user interface by browser or another applications.

Machine readable
JSON based formats provides easy way to process meta data.

Actionable resources
Every resource can define actions so they can be visualised by UI or processed by another applications. This feature also provides opportunity for IoT where real-life objects as lights or thermostats can be controlled. Another benefit is voice-controlled interfaces where resources can be identified as objects with actions.

Concept explained in diagram

Concept diagram

Example usage diagram

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